Saturday, April 10, 2021

Archfather Sends Condolences to Family of Prince Philip

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 10 April 2021 (NRom)

His Holiness & Eminence the Archfather sent a notice of condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today for the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. The statement mentioned the Duke's devotion to marriage, family, and tradition, and his long period of public service. The statement was given by the Prefect of the Secretariat. A copy of the notice in full is provided below.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Archfather Gives Blessing ex Urbe for Easter

By Alessandro Di Nardo. 

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 4 April 2021 (NRom)

His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather gave the traditional Blessing ex Urbe for Easter today, with plenary indulgence to all who receive it, even electronically. In the allocution, Papa Rutherford I spoke of the need to live life to the fullest extent, with everything firmly rooted in the Christian faith. His Holiness and Eminence also called on the faithful to serve as example, so that others may be inspired to become Christian. 

The complete video is provided below. 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Holy Friday: Statement of the Archfather regarding Mass Shootings and the Need for Media Responsibility

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 2 April 2021 (NRom)

In light of continuing shootings even into Holy Week, His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather released a statement today on Holy Friday regarding the need for media responsibility in reporting shooting and other violent events. The statement results from a collection of scientific research demonstrating mass shooting events spread like diseases. The media can help save lives by limiting or eliminating its coverage of those events. In his statement, Papa Rutherford I called on media to exercise restraint and responsibility and for government to enact restrictions on the press if necessary.

Full text of the statement: 

Statement of the Archfather on Holy Friday
regarding Mass Shootings and the Need
for Media to Exercise Responsibility

Today as we solemnly remember the Passion and Crucifixion of our Lord, we also should pause to reflect on the current spread of mass shootings in the United States, one of which took place on Wednesday of Holy Week. It has been shown in scientific research that shootings such as these are contagious, spreading like a virus. Constant media coverage and attention does little but fan the flames and cause further spread. Research further suggests strongly that minimal or no coverage of such events could help greatly to prevent further shootings from happening after the initial violence takes place, saving lives. Yet, the media has consistently shown itself entirely unwilling to exercise such responsible restraint. Instead, it seems to relish in the death and destruction and the ratings increase and financial gain that no doubt results.

On this day in which Our Lord sacrificed for us all, suffering a horrific death on the Cross, We call upon the media to cease their excessive coverage of mass shootings and other such events. If the media refuses, then the civil government would be well-warranted to place stringent limits upon the media and its coverage of such violent in the legitimate interest of saving lives. Such is their duty to the people in their care.

Indeed, legitimate limits upon speech already exist, such as against certain exclamations in crowded areas that might induce panic and result in injury and possibly death. This, We believe, is no different. The press cannot hide behind a general duty to inform the public of facts while ignoring and abdicating completely the responsibility of providing those facts and the manner in which it is provided.

May Almighty God be with each of you as we continue through this Sacred Triduum and as the Easter season begins at the first mass of Easter on Saturday morning. May this Easter season be a rebirth of peace in the world and a renewal of normality.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Holy Thursday Letter of the Archfather to Clergy and Nobles

 FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 1 April 2021 (NRom)

The following is the text of the annual Holy Thursday letter of His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather to the clergy and nobles. 


Each of you has a special purpose. This year our Lenten journey and coming Easter season is marred by the very same global humanitarian crisis that we experienced not just during Lent and Easter last year, but during the majority of the year. Yet it cannot diminish the light of Christ or the joy of the Resurrection! Crises and humanitarian concerns are certainly nothing new in history, and indeed they are common in most of the world on a regular basis. We as leaders in the worldwide Christendom must, therefore, treat this merely as an event to which we must respond. As so many leaders of the world equivocated and played political games at the expense of the people, as governments developed tunnel vision and sparked a humanitarian crisis unparalleled in recent memory, as societies forgot their proud heritage and instead fell apart, and as people turned on each other in the most vicious ways, you as a group displayed the very traits exemplary behaviour, and honourable service that We would expect from devout Christian leaders. The Roman State in antiquity, the foundation of modern society, was built on rationality, community, courage, and virtue. It was a society that built to last – so much so that even after the Empire collapsed, its influences and even its buildings remain. We are saddened that modern society has all but abandoned its legacy, but We are encouraged that it continues to live on in each of you.

It was largely the Roman roads and eventually the Empire itself that allowed the Christian faith to spread. In the chaos after the collapse of the Roman Empire, it was the Christian faith that sustained the populations and eventually allowed a rebirth of civilisation and more robust societal structure. By setting the example of Christian service, each of you not only helps to bring order out of chaos, but perpetuate the very ideals that are required for a rebirth of society in the present period.

On this day so many years ago, our Lord established the Holy Eucharist, ordaining the Apostles priests. This day we do indeed celebrate the establishment of the Christian priesthood, for it is truly from the altar of God that all authentic service must flow. The justice of God must not be allowed to be abandoned in favour of mere worldly expediency. Yet, that happens all too often in the world. Therefore, We charge each of you this coming Easter season to continue in your exemplary service, modeling the ideals of our Christian civilisation that the light of Christ may be seen in each of you and reflected to others.

Rutherfordus Ap. I 
Servant of the Servants of Christ

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Reflections for Passion Week and Holy Week 2021

Papa Rutherford on the summit of a
peak in the Alps on the Franco-Italian border
FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 21 March 2021 (NRom)

Reflections for Passion Week and Holy Week 2021

Archfather Rutherford

For speaking the truth, they took up stones to cast out our Lord, and thus Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple. It is that event that we commemorate and live on Passion Sunday each year in the liturgical calendar. In the introit to the mass this day, we hear from the Psalms “Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy: deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man, for thou art my God and my strength.” Indeed, it is the judgment of God that we must value above all else and which matters infinitely more than the mere judgment of man or even masses of men. How often do we find ourselves in these positions in daily life? The answer is quite frequently, even if more often on a less dramatic, far more simple and subtle scale.

Right is right, even if no one is right. Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is wrong. So easy is it to equivocate, abandon one’s faith and principles, and go along with the crowd or even the urgings of a single person simply to avoid what appears to be immediate trouble. What a pathetic and false logic that is! If someone claims to believe in something and value something, but then when pushed by others is willing to give it up, then one does not believe in or value anything other than one’s own transitory comfort. Indeed, society of today has become weak, soft, and tragically pitiful.

Unfortunately, we are so often taught a mixed message. On one hand we are taught to be strong and do the right thing, with metaphors such as “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” On the other hand, we are taught to go along with the crowd, set aside what we believe, and follow the cultural norms. It is no wonder, then, that people are confused and often fail when they are confronted with the choice to do the right thing when it is clearly out of step with cultural norms and contains a social penalty, which most people are not willing to bear. Sometimes doing the right thing, when it is out of step with cultural norms, puts people at risk of financial harm, job loss, and so forth. Usually the fear of such things makes people move backwards when they should move forward. Usually the fear of something is worse than the actual event, and the event quite often does not even happen.

A mountain guide with whom I climbed in the Alps told me that fear when climbing makes climbers often do the opposite of what they should actually do, and that is how so many climbers get into trouble and have accidents. I was a good thing to be reminded of since we were moving along sheer rock walls with foot ledges that were not even big enough for an entire foot in many places – with a 300 metre distance straight down to the ground below. I was never one to be particularly afraid in the mountains or any other dangerous situation, but I found his advice extremely useful. Indeed, any time concern entered my mind, it always suggested the wrong step. The only safe path forward on the mountain was to banish concern and move forward prudently, but without any fear.

The mountains, I have always found, are metaphors for life. Whenever we are confronted with a dangerous situation, we must move forward as Christians, prudently and soberly, yes, but we must also banish the fear. Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather controlling it so that we may do the right thing, take the right step, and follow the correct path.

I always found the mountains exhilarating, particularly where the air was thin. Some of the most beautiful terrain and best views in the world were available to those who paired prudence and caution with nerve, resolve, and the control of fear. All of those things are necessary to succeed. Once again, the mountains are a metaphor for life. We may choose the easy path or the popular path, and that we may survive, we do not really live. It is those fortunate people who dare to brave the rough terrain, the difficult environment, and the challenging conditions, standing against the conventional wisdom of the masses and the ever-changing cultural norms, finding in themselves a courage of the spirit that they did not even necessarily know they had who really and truly live.

As we proceed through Passion Week and then through Holy Week towards the joys of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, may Almighty God kindle in each of you a desire to find the strength and courage that resides inside you.

Friday, March 19, 2021

New Encyclical Addresses Southern Border and Military Humanitarian Crises

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 19 March 2021 (NRom)

Encyclical “The Southern American Border”


The southern American border is the scene of an ongoing humanitarian crisis about which the United States government habitually seems either unwilling to solve or is completely incapable of solving. Right now large numbers of migrant children are placed in camps and holding facilities that, according to credible reports, are completely insufficient in number and in terms of appropriate and humane conditions. Problems on the border of this nature are not limited by any means to the present American administration. It is inconceivable that the nation that is currently the wealthiest in the world is incapable of maintaining sufficient humanitarian conditions when dealing with migrants, legal or illegal, along the southern border. We, therefore, reiterate that:

1. It is the duty of all nations to provide appropriate and sufficient border control, which is to the benefit of both citizens and residents, as well as those who are immigrating or visiting.

2. It is the duty and absolute moral obligation under God for all governments to treat all persons crossing the border, legally or illegally in a humane manner. This includes providing sufficient, quality holding facilities for migrants seeking admission, as in the current example on the southern American border. If a particular government genuinely lacks the resources to properly care for any given number of immigrants, then it must appropriately limit the availability of immigration opportunities to prevent humanitarian crises from happening. However, governments with such resources are morally bound to provide humanitarian support and take all steps reasonable to prevent humanitarian crises.

3. All border facilities, especially holding facilities and detention centres, must be open to international inspection, particularly by humanitarian organisations, and above all by Holy Mother the Church.

4. It is the duty and absolute moral obligation of all governments not to separate families at border crossings. This includes the right for children to be reunited with their families who have already been granted admission.

5. It is the duty and absolute moral obligation of all governments to provide reasonable pathways to citizenship for children who were brought into a country illegally or for adults who were brought illegally into the country as children when such children are raised in the new country, speak its language, and grow up with in its culture. To deport such persons to the country of their birth when they have been raised effectively as a member of their new country is essentially to force immigration to a foreign country and culture. This becomes especially true when the children in question were entirely or largely unaware of their illegal immigrant status. However, such provisions must be contingent upon a lack of serious criminal behaviour and a clear intent to remain or become a productive members of society.

It must further be noted that the above declarations are not applicable solely to the United States, but equally to all nations in the world. Borders exist to secure peace and tranquility, as well as to provide reasonable security. Yet, they may not be used to justify humanitarian violations, which are an affront to God.

In addition, neither may borders be used as justification of denial of equality of human dignity. If Americans, for example, knew firsthand what it was like to have a war within their own borders, as they did in the past, but which We would not at all wish upon them now, then they surely would better understand the implications and the true costs of their long-term, ongoing military action overseas. Indeed, it is United States military policy to keep military action “over there,” making the citizens of other countries bear the true cost of that action and live in war-torn nations. Just as it is essential under the justice of God that the borders not become scenes of avoidable humanitarian crisis, so to is it essential that borders not be used to separate those who carry out military action and those who must bear the cost. To avoid that responsibility renders the major military powers the self-appointed determiner of human worth, separating the world into those it deems superior and worthy of not suffering from war, though they cause or participate in it, and those it deems inferior and therefore either deserving of the suffering or else are acceptable collateral damage. National interests do not by themselves justify any such policies that avoid responsibility. Indeed, We need only look to the Just War Doctrine of Holy Mother the Church to understand that. No one in a position of government responsibility who claims to be Christian may lay aside their Christian responsibility when making government decisions. Likewise, no citizen of a country who claims to be a Christian may lay aside those Christian principles when determining what government policies to support, either through voting or through moral support.

The responsibility of government is dramatic and grave, and it extends well beyond its borders. Yet it is not to exploit others as so often happens, but rather it is a responsibility to respect human dignity, respect the sovereignty of others, be good members of the global community of nations, and provide aid to those who are suffering, for indeed those on the other side of any border from us all, if we are to call ourselves Christians, our brothers.

Datum Florentiae Novae Romae apud S. Stefani sub sigillo Diaconis die 19 mensis Martii A.D. MMXXI.

Rutherfordus Ap. I

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St. Patrick -- Patron of the Most Honourable Legion of Christ

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 17 Marzo 2021 (NRom)

St. Patrick's Day is often associated with cultural festivals, bagpipes, Guinness beer, parades, and lots of green. The Saint who is honored by the day, Saint Patrick, Confessor and Bishop, is also the patron of the Most Honourable Legion of the Eagle of Christ. Even though the main feast day of the Legion is the feast of Corpus Christi, the feast of Saint Patrick is its second feast day.

Even though scholars debate the exact location, Patrick (who actually took that name after becoming a priest) was born in Roman Britain. After being taken as a slave by Irish pirates, he followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and became a Catholic cleric, eventually being sent back to Ireland as a bishop. He was made patron saint of the Legion due to his origins in Roman Britain. The last known location of the Ninth Spanish Legion (the Legion of the Eagle is its Christian successor today) was leaving their northern headquarters in Eboracum (York), England heading north into Scotland. The Legion safeguards a relic of the bones of Saint Patrick.

For more about the Legion of the Eagle of Christ, please visit the following link:

Saturday, March 13, 2021

One Year Anniversary of "Siamo in Guerra" -- Patriarchate Stands for Worldwide Catholic Tradition, Service to Others

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 13 March 2021 (NRom)

Next month will be the one year anniversary of the archpatral encyclical Siamo in Guerra, in which His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather laid out a description of global war being waged by modernists, socialists, nationalists, and communists against Holy Mother the Catholic Church. The encyclical detailed mechanisms in which the coronavirus pandemic was being exploited to further that war against the church and against the people, placing countless people at risk. Below you can find the English translation of the encyclical and its original Italian text, and also a link for the recitation of the encyclical by His Holiness and Eminence.

Now that the pandemic appears to be in its final stages, it is clear that the war against the church rages on. The pandemic measures and restrictions, now entering their second year, have conditioned people to a so-called “new normal.” The great reset, as some economists and leaders have called it, is a tremendous shift from the values of traditional society, the values of the Catholic Church. Since the Anglican Patriarchate, Pontifical States (Stato Pontificio) represents not just the fullness of the traditional Catholic Faith, but the worldly side of the church as the sole temporal successor to St. Peter the Apostle, it has been very active and vocal over the past year in policy advice secure the rights of the Holy Church and of people. The modern Pontifical States are the historic representative of over 400 million people worldwide, which is a responsibility that the Stephenian Florentine-Roman Curia takes very seriously. The Patriarchate, its clergy, and its lay leaders are dedicated to service to those in need around the world, especially the most poor and vulnerable. The Patriarchate stands for the Catholic Faith as humanity continues through the second decade of the third millennium and beyond.

Siamo in Guerra

To all the Christian Faithful around the World:


     We are truly at war, and this war is not against a virus, but it is the gates of hell against the Holy Church and against the ancient traditions of free society. In truth, this war is one of the most important wars in the history of the world, as we fight for the continuation of the freedom of the church over the world and for the continuation of our civilisation. We cannot doubt that this current fight is very difficult and will continue to be very difficult in the near future. How long it will remain, We do not know, and we cannot know. We do not need to think about this. We should only think of the final victory, a victory only possible through our Lord. Truly, dearest sons and daughters, you are soldiers in the Army of Christ. In this struggle, flags of nations are worth nothing, except only the sacred flag of our Lord and of the Holy Church.

     The forces of the devil in the world used the situation of the virus to establish a great confusion among the people of the world. Many people were afraid, and this fear was the instrument of the devil. The diabolical agents have exploited the situation to remove freedom, not only of the people, but also of the Holy Church. People were robbed and continue to be robbed of their dignity, their freedom, in a more forceful and more complete way than that of the Soviets, and also than that of the Nazis. Yes, it is a good work to save lives, but this situation is not in fact a choice of lives versus money, but lives versus lives. But the agents of the devil have caused many people to think that the real reason is to save lives. Those agents have used this to change the entirety of life, to change businesses, to change the whole of society, and also to change the rights of the Holy Church and the religious freedom of the people. The real reason, the only reason for the actions of most governments of the world is radically to change the true heart of the people and of society. They want society to abandon Christ and to abandon the ancient and sacred traditions in favour of a new socio-fascist world.

     In these days, the people are under the hands of the modernist states. Governments have forced companies to close, but for what crime? For none at all. Governments have chosen winners and losers in an arbitrary way. Governments have also forced a large section of the people under house arrest, but also for what crime? For no crime. It is a work still accomplished in a stronger and more complete way than the that of the Soviets, and also than that Enof the Nazis. Governments, I blame you for the diabolical crime. You do not care about the people under your protection.

     The protection of the people is a sacred charge under God, but governments have failed. The modernists against God, under the banner of saving a number of human lives from this new virus, in truth few in comparison with the population of the world, have endangered hundreds of millions of people in all places around the world – in danger of hunger, danger of deprivation, danger of health problems, danger of bankruptcy, lack of ability to provide for their families. How many of these are supposed to die to save others? Governments cannot say that these lives are worth more than those lives, for governments and government officials are not God. But now they play God. In truth these modernist states want to be God, and they want people to genuflect humbly to the civill government and only to the civil government. This is at the heart of this battle, this war. We cannot let governments replace God with themselves.

     The time is now! We must win for the glory of God! Now is the time when Christians must rise up against the modern forces of the devil! They are not new forces, but they are the same forces of all times in the history of the world. Our valiant ancestors fought against the same forces. Now it is our turn!

A tutti i Cristifideli nel Mondo:


     Siamo in guerra veramente, e questa guerra non è contro un virus, ma è le porte dell’inferno contro la Santa Chiesa e contro le tradizioni antiche della società libera. In verità questa guerra è una delle guerre le più importanti nella storia del mondo, poichè combattiamo per la continuazione della libertà della chiesa sul mondo e per la continuazione della nostra civiltà. Non possiamo avere dubiti che questa lotta adesso è molto dura e seguirà ad essere durissima nel prossimo futuro. Quanto tempo rimane Noi non sapiamo, e non possiamo saperlo. Di questa cosa non dobbiamo pensare. Solo dovremmo pensare dell’ultima vittoria, una vittoria solo possibile per nostro Signore. Veramente, Carissimi figli, voi siete soldati nell’esercito di Cristo. In questa lotta, le bandiere non valgono niente, eccetto solo la sacra bandiera di nostro Signore e della Santa Chiesa. 

     Le forze del diavolo nel mondo ha usato la situazione del virus stabilire una grande confusione nel popolo del mondo. Molta gente ha avuto paura, e questa paura fu il strumento del diavolo. Gli agenti diabolichi hanno sfruttato la situazione per rimuovere la libertà, non solo del popolo, ma anche della Santa Chiesa. La gente era rubata e continua essere rubata della sua dignità, della sua libertà, in un modo più forte e più completo del modo sovietico, e anche di quello dei nazisti. Sì, è un buon lavoro salvare le vite, ma questa situazione ancora non è una scelta di vite contro danari, ma vite contro vite. Ma gli agenti del diavolo hanno causato che molta gente pensa che la ragione veramente sia salvare le vite. Quelli agenti sfruttano questa per cambiare tutta la vita, tutte le ditte, tutta della società, ed anche i diritti della Santa Chiesa e la libertà religiosa del popolo. La ragione vera, l’unica ragione per gli azioni della maggior parte dei governi del mondo è cambiare radicalmente il vero cuore del popolo e di società. Vogliono che la società abbandone Cristo ed abbandone le tradizioni antiche e sacre e prenda un nuovo modo socio-fascisto. 

     In questi giorni il popolo è sotto la mano degli stati modernisti. I governi hanno forzato a chiudere le ditte, ma per qual delitto? Per niente. I governi hanno sceltato vincitori e perdenti in un modo arbitrario. Anche i governi hanno forzato una grande sezione della gente agli arresti domiciliari, ma anche per qual delitto? Per nessun delitto. È un’opera compita ancora in un modo più forte e più completo del modo sovietico, e anche di quello dei nazisti. Governi, vi accuso del delitto diabolico. Non vi importa la gente sotto la vostra protezione. 

     La protezione del popolo è un sacro incarico sotto Dio, ma i governi sono falliti. Loro modernisti contro Dio, sotto la bandiera del salvtataggio di qualche vite umane di questo nuovo virus, in verità pochi in confronto della populazione del mondo, hanno messo in pericolo al meno di centi di milioni di persone in tutti i luoghi del mondo – pericolo di fame, pericolo di privazione, percicolo di problemmi di salute, pericolo di bancarotta, di mancanza della capacità di provvedere alle loro famiglie. Quante di questi dovrebbero morire per salvare quelli? Non possono i governi dire che queste vite valono più di quelle vite, per i governi e gli ufficiali dei governi non sono Dio. Ma adesso giocano a Dio. In verità questi stati moderni vogliono essere Dio e vogliono che la gente genuflettersi umilmente al governo civile e solo al governo civile. Questa cosa è al cuore di questa battaglia, di questa guerra. Non possiamo lasciare che i governi sostituiscano Dio con loro stessi. 

     Il tempo è adesso. Dobbiamo vincere per la gloria di Dio. Adesso è il tempo nel cui i cristiani devono insorgere contro le forze moderne del diavolo. Non sono forze nuove, ma sono le stesse forze d’ogni tempo nella storia del mondo. Gli nostri antenati valorosi hanno combattuto contro le stesse forze. Adesso è tocca nostra. 

Friday, March 12, 2021

Reflections for the Third Week of Lent by His Holiness and Eminence

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 12 March 2021 (NRom)


from the Gospel appointed for the mass for Wednesday the third week of Lent, we hear:

     “Hypocrites, well hath Isaias prophesied of you, saying: This people honoureth me with their lips: but their heart is far from me. And in vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.”

     So much do we see this in the world around us today. Yet let us not think that it is a modern phenomenon, lest we turn to idolizing the past. What our Lord spoke was almost 2000 years ago, and very little has changed since then. Indeed, Christ has been with us for almost two millennia, yet the people, surrounded by His wisdom and saving grace, still have not opened their hearts. 

     We must guard against being hypocrites, honouring God with our lips, but turning away with our hearts and minds. We must guard against vain worship. And, we must guard against what is so prevalent today, the twisting and bending of the Catholic faith not to the doctrines and commandments of God, but the doctrines and commandments of men. This by itself is not enough. We must speak against such hypocrisy, counseling and admonishing as we are called to do according to the Spiritual Acts of Mercy. However, given the ongoing nature and magnitude of the problem, we must also not allow ourselves to become discouraged if we think we are making but a little progress or even no progress at all. The coming celebration of the Resurrection reminds us of our eventual corporate victory in the fullness of God’s time through the victory of Christ over the grave.

     May Almighty God continue to bless each of you as you walk along your Lenten journey.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Archfather Speaks About Violence Against Asians in Europe and America

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 5 March 2021 (NRom)

Sua Santità ed Eminenza l'Arcipadre ha fatto la seguente dichiarazione riguardo agli attacchi in corso contro i popoli asiatici in Europa e in America. 

His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather made the following statement regarding ongoing attacks against Asian people in Europe and America. 


Carissimi, è con grande tristezza che Noi denunciamo i continui attacchi contro gli asiatici in tutto il mondo, che sono cresciuti di intensità nel corso del 2020 e continuano ancora oggi. Il razzismo in generale, non solo contro gli asiatici, è un problema globale di lunga data. La pandemia di COVID-19, considerand le apparenti origini geografiche del virus, ha purtroppo stimolato un drammatico aumento degli attacchi agli asiatici. Tali attacchi si verificano sia in Europa che nelle Americhe. La popolazione asiatica è stata brutalmente aggredita e persino uccisa. Le loro proprietà sono state spesso vandalizzate. Secondo un rapporto pubblicato dalle Nazioni Unite nel 2020, circa il 32% degli americani e il 60% degli asiatici americani hanno osservato persone asiatiche incolpate della pandemia di coronavirus. 

Non è giusto né semplicemente attribuire la colpa di una pandemia ai piedi di un particolare individuo semplicemente a causa della sua razza, etnia, colore della pelle, o origine nazionale. In effetti, tale violenza e altre azioni contro chiunque anche in circostanze generali dovute semplicemente a motivi di razza, etnia, colore della pelle, o origine nazionale sono un'offesa contro la comunione cristiana e un insulto a Dio. 

Esortiamo il popolo cristiano a testimoniare l'amore di Cristo per tutti gli uomini e a promuovere la sua rettitudine e giustizia qui sulla terra. Allo stesso modo, chiediamo al popolo cristiano di promuovere il perdono e la riconciliazione, per non ignorare le nostre mancanze, e non tentare di sostenerci per condannando le colpe degli altri.


Carissimi, it is with great sadness that We report the ongoing attacks on Asian people around the world, which grew in intensity during 2020 and continues to this day. Racism in general, not only against Asians, is a long-standing global problem. The COVID-19 pandemic, given the apparent geographic origins of the disease, have unfortunately spurred a dramatic increase in attacks on Asians. Such attacks happen both in Europe and in the Americas. Asian people have been brutally attacked and even killed. Their property has often been vandalised. According to a report issued by the United Nations in 2020, approximately 32% of Americans and 60% of Asian Americans observed Asian people being blamed for the coronavirus pandemic. 

It is neither right nor just to lay blame for a pandemic at the feet of a particular individual simply because of their race, ethnicity, skin colour, or national origin. Indeed, such violence and other actions against anyone even in general circumstances due simply to reasons of race, ethnicity, skin colour, or national origin is an offense against Christian fellowship and an insult to God. 

We call on Christian people to witness to the love of Christ for all people and promote his righteousness and justice here on earth. Similarly, We call on the Christian people to promote forgiveness and reconciliation, lest we ignore our own failings and attempt to build ourselves up by condemning the faults of others.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Reflections for the Second Week of Lent by His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 1 March 2021 (NRom)

Reflections for the Second Week of Lent
His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather


in the epistle lesson for the second Sunday of Lent, the Apostle Paul gives several admonitions. Among those is that we should not overreach or circumvent our brother in business, for the Lord is the avenger thereof. In this present period in world history, it seems that the notion of leaving everyone alone to provide for themselves and their families has been lost as humanity turns further and further away from God. While it is absolutely true that neither communism or socialism in any form are compatible with the Christian faith, so also is it true that nationalism and excessive, extreme capitalism are likewise incompatible with the Christian faith.

We as Christians must not worship money or at the altar of commerce, for as our Lord tells us, no man may serve two masters. Money is indeed a tool to provide for the needs and even appropriate wants for ourselves and our families, and it is a tool to do good in the world. If we seek money for its own sake, corporate dominance as a purpose to itself, and ever-larger market shares, then we have lost our way as individuals and as a society. While appropriate competition can have many benefits, trying to put one’s competition out of business is plainly wrong. In some cases, survival indeed mandates a legitimate defence in commerce, just as we may legitimately protect our bodies. Yet, if we harm the body of another out of desire and not necessity, and we would not wish harm upon another if we could not find another way, even in defence of ourselves, then we sin against our brethren and against God. Similarly, if we do harm to others in business and in labour when it is not necessary in legitimate defence, or if it is necessary in legitimate defence, but we would not wish to find another way sincerely if it were possible, then we likewise sin against our fellow man and against God.

The rampant excesses of extreme capitalism in the Western world have reached new heights during the pandemic of last year that is now extending into the current year. Particularly due to government measures, massive corporations are making windfall gains, and others are going out of business, with so many people losing their businesses and the jobs, deprived of their rights to provide for their families. Indeed, depriving workers of their just wages is a sin rightly crying out to heaven for vengeance. What is being done to countless people around the world right now is just that. It was happening before, and the pandemic has made it dramatically worse. 

It is often said in excuse for this extreme capitalism that it is that very form of commerce and economic structure that has provided so many material benefits for society and even has furthered the ability to do so much good around the world. While there is indeed some truth to that, such benefits are not an excuse for wrong – and it is hardly true that such tactics are indeed necessary to generate benefits and to do good. Additionally, neither is the cure for extreme excessive forms of capitalism the evils of communism and socialism. These days, society is actually getting whiplash from bouncing back and forth between extremes.

To the Christian faithful who have their eyes open, the answer is very clear. It is only through the application of the faith of Christ that we may reach a free market economy that allows as many people as possible to have as much control as possible over their own financial future. Some may challenge this by saying that we can never achieve full independence in terms of the ability to provide for oneself and one’s family. Yet, that also is not even remotely an excuse for not employing appropriate, ethical, Christian principles to the economy as Christian people. This approach We propose is not another panacea such as those that so many revolutionaries from the 18th century to the present time have promised to justify their intolerable violence and the chaos they cause, only to have a new system that is no better and is even often worse than the one it replaced. Rather, this is the tried-and-true peaceful Way of Christ. That we may not achieve a full realisation of this does not in any way reduce the merit of trying to the best of our abilities.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Ethiopian Christian Massacred -- Archfather Comments

By Jean DuBois 

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 27 February 2021 (NRom) 

Late last November, many religious pilgrims arrived to the Maryam Dengelet church in Ethiopia for the Orthodox holy festival to mark the day on which many believe that the Ark of the Covenant was brought there from Jerusalem. This feast occurred during a lull in a period of much violence, yet what should have been a joyous and sacred occasion itself turned to bloodshed.

During the Orthodox liturgy, a unit of Eritrean soldiers opened fire on the church, killing many. Even those who are fleeing from the church came under fire. Then soldiers went door to door and killed and attacked many more in their homes. Even mourning the dead was banned by the soldiers under penalty of immediate summary execution.

Today, on almost the three month anniversary of the attack, the Archfather made a statement reflecting on the violence. His Holy Eminence stated that it is inconceivable that any just government could carry out or permit such an attack. The pontiff also called upon all such violence against the Christian people around the world to be stopped immediately. The audio recording of the statement is below.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Reflection for the First Week of Lent from His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 26 February 2021 (NRom)

Reflection for the First Week of Lent
from His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather

Dear brethren, now in this first week of Lent, Americans lower their flags to half-staff for those who have died from COVID-19, and in our beloved Italy, the civil government continues to restrict the free movement of people. It is said in the United States that the death toll is above 500,000. Let us pause, then, to place all of this in perspective as Christian people. 

Consider that approximately 9 million people die each year around the world from starvation. Pause and reflect upon that – 9 million people dead from lack of food. That is worldwide, but it is a number on the order of 20 times more than the number of stated coronavirus deaths in the United States. Very few of those hunger deaths are in the United States, it seems, and thus the problem is so often ignored by Americans. Yet, starvation deaths are only part of the global food problem. Countless more people suffer from health problems stemming from hunger. These numbers were expected to increase dramatically as a result of the pandemic measures, even potentially doubling.

In the United States, currently the wealthiest nation in the world, 35 million people suffer from hunger. That is on the order of 10% of the population. That is inconceivable. 

Now, it is easy, it seems, for Americans to ignore the deaths from starvation since they are almost exclusively outside of American borders. Yet, as Christians we cannot ignore the plight of other people outside our borders, no matter the nationality. Keeping in mind the magnitude of such deaths around the world, which happened every year, not simply during a pandemic, helps to keep in perspective the mortality rate in the United States, Europe, and around the world by the novel coronavirus pandemic. That those pandemic deaths may not be in vain, We counsel that those advanced countries now reflect upon their own mortality and place themselves in solidarity with those in countries that suffer high death rates from starvation, disease, and other causes on an annual basis around the world. 

Also, bearing in mind, again, that starvation, malnutrition, and hunger are ongoing problems, why does the government of the United States and of the various states therein not attack it with the same degree of apparent enthusiasm, rigour, and seriousness with which it employs measures related to COVID-19? There is simply no excuse for a failure to address such a serious, ongoing, and both national and global problem. That is particularly true considering that the various coronavirus measures enacted around the world have disproportionately impacted the poor and vulnerable, i.e., those most at risk for death from starvation, hunger, and malnutrition, as well as other problems. There appears to be no comprehensive plan by the governments of the Western world to address that issue. Financial payments from the public treasury have been entirely insufficient. Meanwhile, certain companies are making massive windfall gains as a result of the measures. 

It is immoral and against the laws of God for any government to impose such measures that ask some to make massive sacrifices for others, particularly while a small subset of the population is reaping massive benefits. Governments that have claimed absolute authority and forced such sacrifices likewise have an absolute responsibility to make their victims completely and entirely whole. That can be done either out of the public treasury, spreading the cost thereby proportionately across a wide number of people in the taxpayer base, as well as by taxing the dramatic windfall gains made by some of the individuals and companies that are wealthy in the extreme. That is not socialist redistribution of wealth, but simple ethics and acceptance of responsibility on the part of the government. 

As we progress through Lent, therefore, let us all offer our own sacrifices and Lenten denials to the benefit not only of the poor souls in purgatory, but to those who are suffering on earth now – especially those who are in danger of death from starvation or mallet he from hunger. Let us work in peace to establish justice on earth.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Ash Wednesday Letter to Clergy from HHE the Archfather

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 17 February 2021 (NRom)

A miei fratelli venerabili i vescovi, 
ed ad i miei carissimi figli il clero, 

To my venerable brothers the bishops,
and to my dearest sons the clergy, 

On this day begins Lent, a penitential and spiritual season. All are welcome in the Church of Christ, and you, venerable brothers and dear sons, have the responsibility to teach and work for the souls of the faithful. In these days, the world has many divisions – particularly political divisions. But, the church is, again, for everyone. So, this Lent We counsel each of you to leave political things in the past. Yes, certainly speak the truth of the faith and of the rights of the Church and the people, but only those things. Without that specific justification, let us not speak or share negative words about politics. This Lent, think only of Christ, of the sacraments, and of the souls of the people of the world. Again, truly the doors of the One, Holy, Apostolic, Catholic Church are open to everyone who desires to kneel before the Holy Cross of Christ. Cultivate the same feeling amongst your people. 

In questo giorno comincia quaresima, una stagione penitenziale e spirituale. Tutti sono benevenuti nella chiesa di Cristo, e voi, venerabili fratelli e carissima figli, avete la responsibilità di insegnare e lavorare per le anime dei fedeli. Il mondo ha molte divisioni in questi giorni – particolarmente divisioni politiche. Ma, la chiesa è, ancora, per tutti. Quindi, questa quaresima Noi vi consigliamo lasciare nel pasato le cose politiche. Sì, parlare della verità della fede e dei diritti della Chiesa e del popolo, ma solo quelle. Senza quella giustificazione particolare, non parlare e non condividere parole negative in merito della politica. Questa quaresima, pensare solo di Cristo, dei sacramenti, e delle anime del popolo del mondo. Ancora, in verità le porte dell’unica, santa, apostolica, chiesa cattolica sono aperte ad ogniuno chi vuole inginocchiarsi davanti alla Santa Croce di Cristo. Coltivare lo stesso sentimento tra il vostro popolo.

Rutherfordus Ap. I
Servant of the Servants of Christ

Friday, February 12, 2021

Patriarchate, Affiliated Organisations Continue to Serve in Pandemic Humanitarian Crisis

By Jean DuBois

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 12 February 2021 (NRom)

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Anglican Patriarchate, Stato Pontificio (Pontifical States) was there to help those in need. The Patriarchate was already on the cutting edge of technology use as a force multiplier in the ministry, and other jurisdictions quickly followed. Meanwhile our chaplains continued to provide spiritual help and sacraments even as governments were cracking down on the rights of the Church and many churches were timidly giving in to pressure. Clergy and officials traveled to where they were needed. Even ordinations took place as scheduled. 

As governments locked down their nations, plunging their people into chaos, poverty, and despair, the Pontifical States (Anglican Patriarchate), secular heir to St. Peter the Apostle, remained a beacon of light and hope for the world. As governments and many institutions opted to let the virus and the prevention of that virus dictate policy and rule their lives, the Church continued firm in the wisdom of the faith of Christ.  

The members of our humanitarian wing, the Walsingham Guard, and other affiliated organizations around the world were at the forefront of pandemic service. That includes medical service and support, COVID testing, humanitarian aid, policy work, advocacy for the poor and vulnerable, and more. Those efforts are ongoing as the economic, social, and broad health fallout from the pandemic and government responses to the pandemic continue to rage on. 

And, as the pandemic has resulted in religious leaders caving in to modern social trends and the socialist oligarchs threatening the world with a new Marxism through their "Great Reset," the Patriarchate continues to promote traditional Catholicism as unwavering guardians of the faith. The Stato Pontificio (Pontifical States) have over 1000 years of history dedicated to service to God, the Holy Church, and all humanity. Following the words of Christ Ut unum sint (that they may all be one), it is not only the historic representative of over 400 million people globally, but is one of the most authentically diverse organizations in the modern world. The dedicated work of each and every cleric, lay official, and member around the world follows the example of Christ in humble, servant leadership to those in need.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

USCCB Bishops Take Pandemic Funds -- Archfather Comments

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 9 February 2021 (NRom)

Recent reports have shown that Bishops of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have taken U.S. pandemic relief funds despite substantial financial endowments, thereby taking cash for closing their church doors to those in need. His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather made the following statement earlier today. 


Throughout the COVID-19 humanitarian crisis, We have consistently admonished governments against policies that select winners and losers. We have also admonished corporations that are financially well-endowed against seeking or receiving windfall gains and/or public relief support when so many are losing their businesses and livelihoods. However, We never would have expected that this would include the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. According to credible reports, many dioceses of the Roman Communion within the United States took pandemic small business stimulus money due to lost money from closed churches, despite significant financial endowments. Church sovereignty was sold for cash. This is most troubling. 

     Indeed, governments around the world have a moral responsibility to make whole those who are harmed by their pandemic reponse policies. Even a parish or a diocese that is financially precarious and vulnerable can reasonably receive aid. Yet, those who are able to take care of themselves and are even profiting (as in the case of certain corporations) should not seek such funds. We, the Anglican Patriarchate, have neither sought nor taken such funds, instead preferring that they go to help those who are the most vulnerable and most impacted. 

     My brother Catholic Bishops in the United States would have been well-advised not to close their churches during the pandemic. That does not mean that they should not have taken appropriate precautions, but rather that Church sovereignty should have been maintained against the civil government, sacraments should have been entirely accessible by the faithful during this time of great need and suffering, and the clergy should have been completely available. That is our legacy as Catholic clergy. In this case, it was entirely abdicated – and not just abdicated, but abdicated in favour of cash. 

     Therefore, We call upon the Catholic dioceses of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to show in detail what they are doing with the money they have received. They must show how it is being used to benefit the poor, the vulnerable, and the less fortunate. 

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Patriarchal Letter “Come Holy Ghost” to the People of the World on Septuagesima Sunday

FIRENZE-NUOVA ROMA 31 January 2021 (NRom)

Patriarchal Letter “Come Holy Ghost”
to the People of the World
Septuagesima Sunday
31 January 2021 


COME Holy Ghost, and enlighten the people of the world! As the pre-Lent season begins today with Septuagesima Sunday, the people of the world are rightly tired of the continuation of extreme pandemic measures – and they are rightly tired of corporate oligarchy that is making tremendous windfall gains the longer the pandemic measures continue. As oligarchs grow fatter, and more powerful, countless people lose their jobs, see their businesses fail, and cannot find work. Governments around the world who claim to be for the rights and welfare of mankind instead force this outcome that adds to the already swollen moneybags of massive corporations while destroying the lives, mental health, and even physical health of others – all without the promised compensation for their sacrifice. If nothing else, this pandemic has laid bare the true motivations of companies, and it has laid bare true loyalties of government. 

It has been asked “Who will pay for all of this compensation? How can we actually afford to compensate those who have lost?” Yet if it is not the massive oligarchs who have made approximately one trillion dollars since the pandemic began, and if it is not to be spread around proportionately to the entirety of taxpayers, then the only other option is to force the sacrifice upon those very people who have lost their jobs and lost their businesses. What right do governments have to pick winners and losers? That is what they are doing and what they have done during the pandemic. What right do governments have to harm certain people and demand the sacrifice from a subset of the population while others are unscathed or even thrive? It is a complete and utter abdication of their obligations under God as leaders of government. In Italy, the premier maneuvers to avoid being voted out, despite the growing vox populi. In Britain, bishops demand evidence of justification for continued church shutdowns, which has not been forthcoming. In the United States, the physical fence recently installed around the US Capitol and the White House serves as a metaphor for the continued insulation and isolation of government from the people, not just in America, but around the world. It is a sorry state of affairs. 

Yet, Holy Mother the Church was instituted by Christ for all humanity, great and small. Christ hung on the Cross for everyone, regardless of fleeting national borders and deep ethnic and cultural identity. The caring nature of Christ’s Holy Church extends to everyone, even to those who do not believe and do not profess the Christian faith. 

As the governments of the world abdicate their responsibility, for which they will answer to God and for which We earnestly hope for their reconciliation in the love of Christ, the Holy Church instead will continue to speak and advocate and work for the condition of all mankind. We do not measure victory in a popular vote count, in money, or in buildings. Rather, we count our victory as saving what souls we can and helping those whom we can help. When St. Lawrence, that great Roman Deacon and Martyr was asked to show the government officials the true treasure of the Church that they had heard was in his keeping, he agreed and showed them the poor of Rome. 

The problem is so vast, as it has always been in one way or another, that it is tempting to say that our own organisational or individual efforts are in vain. However, to do so is to abandon our faith. It is that very vastness as well that governments exploit, saying that they are the only ones, alongside their oligarch partners, who can have any hope of success. Do not fall into the trap of believing that lie. It is only God that has the power to help us with problems on such an immense scale. Let us not believe that mere human agency is sufficient, for it has never been as history plainly shows. Yes, government has an absolute responsibility to help the people in its borders and even without its borders according to its ability, using the public treasury to do so. However, it is not government that is the dispenser of good, but rather we may only consider it an instrument for helping to do the work of God. Therefore, its legitimacy only comes when it does indeed employ its resources and doing the work of God. 

Each of us likewise has the capacity to be an instrument of God, helping those whom God puts in our path. We cannot and must not be concerned with numbers or other superficialities. Rather, let us each seek every day to attempt to do God’s will in all that we do, taking opportunities to help others as they arise, ever vigilant of those who may be in need.

Rutherfordus Ap. I
Servant of the Servants of Christ

Friday, January 29, 2021

Old Roman Catholic News Service is now Il Nunzio Romano

The Patriarchal Office of Communications has authorised the changed of the name of the Old Roman Catholic News Service to Il Nunzio Romano. It continues to serve as the principle press office and news service of the Anglican Patriarchate, Stato Pontificio, Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church. 

Archfather Responds Regarding the Right to Life

By Jean DuBois


Earlier today His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather gave an allocution in response to a recent executive order of the American president. The executive order promoted and sought to provide funding for expansion of abortions around the world. Other Catholic leaders joined in the opposition with similar statements. The complete text of the allocution is as follows:


Archpatral Allocution on the Right to Life
regarding Recent Executive Orders
of Joseph Biden acting as
President of the United States

THE current wealth and power of the American Republic, held for what is thus far a relatively brief period in the history of world civilisation, conveys upon it tremendous responsibility in the use of both. It also makes the affairs and decisions of the United States in so many cases the business of the world, for the actions of the American government quite often have impact, even lasting impact on other nations. It is with this in mind that We, whose own nation’s history extends over twelve hundred years and involves the spreading of the saving grace and freedom of the Christian faith to all corners of the world, must and will respond to the grave and troubling orders issued recently by the American president regarding the right to life and funding for abortions, even outside of the United States political borders.

The President referred to abortion access as “…protecting women's health at home and abroad.” No one who professes the Catholic faith may in any way consider this to be legitimate, for the scourge of abortion is in no way a simple matter of healthcare. The president by that order apparently seeks to provide massive amounts of United States federal funding to organisations that provide abortions around the world. US citizens and others resident in the United States who love Christ, therefore, called by Us to petition government representatives in order to seek this order being stopped, block, or rescinded. Such is the duty of all who love Christ, for, while the First and Great Commandment is that we love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our spirit, the Second Great Commandment is that we love our neighbour as ourselves. It is that very love and those two commandments, from which all other commandments derive, that we see in the form of Christ pendant upon the Cross. How, then, can the Christian faithful turn a blind eye not only to the United States governmental endorsement of the wholesale murder of over one million children every year, so many of them from among the impoverished and ethnic minorities, but also to the current United States government effort to expand the work of both domestic and global murder factories?

We cannot call ourselves Christians if we profess to believe, but leave those beliefs with in the four walls of the church as we leave Sunday to go out in the world. Rather, we are all called to take that faith, flowing from the altar of God, the very Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross in which we participate during the mass, out into the world. God calls upon us to live our faith in our daily lives, in the workplace, and in our political participation. Filled with the fire of Christ, do not let your voice be silenced by anyone when you are speaking the truth of Christ.

As we fast approach the Lenten season, let us all around the world to dedicate ourselves spiritual acts against the persecutors of the church, that all may be called to repentance and reconciliation with Christ and His Holy Church.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Canonisation of Pope Saint Pius XII by Anglican Patriarchate

By Jean DuBois


Earlier this week, on Sunday 24 January, His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather solemnly declared and defined Pope Pius XII as a confessor saint within and pertaining to the jurisdiction of the Anglican Patriarchate, the New Roman Communion, and the Stato Pontificio. The canonisation was defined in a Patriarchal Bull Nulla Dubitatio and formally proclaimed following the mass on Sunday. Quoting from the bull, "With the help and grace of God, [Pope Saint Pius XII] used his diplomatic skills to prevent giving the vile Nazi regime the excuse they needed to invade the Vatican City-State and to persecute and murder even more Catholics. Over two million Catholics died at the hands of the Nazis and the Holocaust. Yet while Pius was engaging in diplomacy, he and his network were working tirelessly and at great risk to save countless people, Catholics, Jews, escaped soldiers, and others." 

The overall efforts seeking canonisation for St. Pius XII already found a potential miracle. The Patriarchate believes this to be true. However, the act of canonisation was made by scientia certa, and thus a proven miracle was not needed. Canonisation is a solemn declaration by the church that She believes the person to be in heaven. Within the jurisdiction of the Anglican Patriarchate and New Roman Communion, the supreme authority for canonisation rests with the Archfather as successor to Pope Leo X and the temporal successor to St. Peter the Apostle.

Pope Saint Pius XII was born Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli in a family of the so-called "Black Nobility," i.e., Italian nobility with strong ties to the papacy. His brother, Francesco Pacelli, was a lay canon lawyer who advised Pope Pius XI and helped to negotiate the Lateran Treaty with Benito Mussolini which, in 1929, established the sovereignty of the Vatican City-State that had been lost by the Savoy Kingdom of Italy's invasion of Rome. 

St. Pius XII was raised in the centre of Rome, attending school at the convent of the French Sisters of Divine Providence in the Piazza Fiammetta and worshiping at the famous Chiesa Nuova, where he served as an altar boy. He studied theology at the Almo Collegio Capranica and also studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University, the Pontifical Roman Athenaeum S. Apollinare, and the University of Rome (La Sapienza). He earned a Doctor of Sacred Theology degree. 

Pope St. Pius XII was ordained to the priesthood on Easter Sunday 1899 alone in a private chapel. His clerical career involved significant academic work and long stretches in the administration of the church government and church diplomacy. As the Papal Nuncio ( ambassador) to Bavaria, he was effectively the papal representative to the entire German Empire for the latter part of the Great War. Thereafter, he was appointed as the Apostolic Nuncio all Germany during the new Republic that followed the Great War. He played a major role in denouncing the rising Nazi ideology, describing the Nazis as "false profits with the pride of Lucifer." 

Later as Cardinal Secretary of State, having been elevated to the Secret College as Cardinal-Priest of Santi Giovanni e Paolo on December 16th, 1929, he signed a number of concordats, including the Lateran Treaty. The most controversial was that with the German States, which is in fact still valid and in force to this day. Purpose was to help safeguard the German Catholics as well as protect the sovereignty of the church.

St. Pius XII was crowned pope on 12 March 1939. He chose the name of Pius because his entire life had largely been spent on the popes with that name. It was also especially a sign of respect and gratitude for Pius XI. He removed the Italian monopoly on the Roman Curia and presided over one of the most tumultuous times in Church history, the Second World War. After the War, he invoked Papal Infallibility and defined the dogma of the Assumption of Mary, namely that she "having completed the course of her earthly life, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory."

Pope Saint Pius XII died on 9 October 1958. His feast day has been set to that same day, with the liturgical rank of Double. The Stephenian Curia expressed a sincere desire that the Roman Pontiff will follow and define Pope Saint Pius XII as a saint for the Roman Communion.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Archfather Remembers Holocaust, Recalls Catholic Victims

By Jean DuBois 


Today His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather Rutherford I gave an address in remembrance of the Holocaust during World War II. The vast number of Catholic victims were especially recalled, including heroes like the Polish priest Saint Maximilian Kolbe and the Irish priest Monsignor O’Flaherty. Saint Maximilian took the place of a complete stranger and died in Auschwitz. Monsignor O’Flaherty helped countless Jews, soldiers, and others escape from the Nazis in Rome. His Holiness and Eminence also spoke of the continued anti-Catholic persecution in so-called free and tolerant societies today, calling on civil governments to ensure protection and progress eliminating persecution and intolerance against Catholics. The complete text is below: 

Archpatral Statement on the
Commemoration and Remembrance
of the 
27 January 2021

On this day annually we commemorate and remember the Holocaust of the mid-20th century. Approximately 2 million Catholics, 3 million Slavs, and 6 million Jews perished at the hands of the Nazis. Indeed, as is so often forgotten, many of our Catholic people, many of those being ethnic Poles, were slaughtered alongside Jews and others deemed to be “undesirable” by the Nazi regime. Many other Catholics, Slavs, and Jews, among others, who were not killed nevertheless suffered imprisonment, torture, and persecution at the hands of that group of malefactors that permeated Europe known as the Gestapo simply for being who they were. As one noteworthy example, the priest Saint Maximilian Kolbe earned the martyr’s crown when, as a prisoner in Auschwitz, he volunteered to take the place of a complete stranger in the death chamber. His canonisation was pro-claimed by another Polish priest who fared better, but still was under the shadow of the Nazis, Pope Saint John Paul II.

The Nazi ideology cast a tremendous shadow over Europe before and during the Second World War. The German people themselves were victims of the mad lunacy that controlled the government, and countless Germans suffered likewise at the hands of the Gestapo. That the Nazi leaders imposed their ideology as policy in the name of the German people was an affront to the true spirit of the German people and an insult to their long and venerable history.

Nazi domination of Eastern Europe was a policy of intended elimination of the majority of the population and enslavement of the rest. In the rest of Europe, domination still resulted in countless deaths that can only morally be deemed murder. Even when it did not involve death, it restricted basic human rights, trampled on human dignity, and imposed fear persecution. Catholics were targeted, for the Catholic faith stood in stark contrast and in defiant opposition to the Nazi regime and ideology. Pope Saint Pius XII (Pius XII was canonised earlier this year within the Anglican Patriarchate and New Roman Communion), contrary to the calumny heaped upon him, not only walked a diplomatic tightrope to avoid giving the Nazis the excuse that they wanted to invade the Vatican City and further persecute Catholics around Europe, but also engaged in many secretive activities to safeguard the lives of count-less people, including Jews, escaped soldiers, and more. The future Pope Saint Paul VI, Monsignor Montini, likewise aided in that ef-fort, as did the Irish priest attached to the Vatican, Monsignor O’Flaherty whose exploits were commemorated in the movie The Scarlet and the Black. Holy Mother the Church risked herself to feed her sheep and save all who found themselves in need of her assistance and protection.

Last year marked the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, yet persecution of various groups of people, including Catholics, persists around the world – even in societies that claim freedom and tolerance. Europe and the United States are no exception. Anti-Catholic rules and regulations exist in the United King-dom. Even in the United States, blatantly anti-Catholic laws are still on the books. While it is easy to say that this is at least not on the same level of what the Nazis did, for we are not being herded together and killed, it is nevertheless the same spirit of intolerance and hatred that leads to the persecution of Catholics in ostensibly tolerant and free societies today. Its form today is often more subtle, though. Whereas the Nazis were brutal, violent, and direct, anti-Catholic persecution today often is very subdued and silent, with exploitation of laws and regulations to deny the rights of Catholics, or simply working quietly behind-the-scenes to ensure that Catholics do not advance if they openly proclaim and live their faith.

We as head of the Stato Pontificio and Anglican Patriarchate call upon, therefore, the civil governments of the world, and in particular of Europe and the Americas to do their part in ensuring an end to anti-Catholic persecution. As so many of the societies right now have initiatives to end racism and intolerance, the Catholic people are so often ignored – especially Catholic minorities. These sorts of double standards should be rooted out and likewise eliminated for the bigotry that they are.

While we work for its end, we nevertheless should offer up any such persecution that we suffer for the benefit of the poor souls in purgatory. It places us in solidarity with those who suffered so much more than most of us have suffered or even can comprehend at the hands of the Nazis. Let us then again pause to reflect and join our-selves across the years with our brethren, our fellow human beings who suffered and died in the Holocaust.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Political Distress: Archfather Urges Peace after American Political Turmoil


His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather Rutherford I gave the following statement on political turmoil in the wake of the U.S. Presidential Election on the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. In the statement, His Holiness and Eminence argued against violence and revolution, instead admonishing the clergy and faithful to focus on the Catholic faith and serve as a light in a world of darkness. 

CARISSIMI: For the last several months, the world has watched with concern and anticipation regarding the out come of the United States presidential election. That has now been settled, though conflict, consternation, concern, and division still remain. In the Epistle lesson from the mass today on the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, St. Paul reminds us to “let the word of Christ dwell in you abundantly, in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual canticles, singing grace in your hearts to God. All whatsoever you do in word or in work, do all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God and the father by Jesus Christ our Lord.”

We must, therefore, advise and admonish the clergy and faithful that the Christian people serve God above all other things, and consequently we must put our focus on that eternal mission rather than on the fleeting politics of any particular country. There are several things in particular that We wish to specify:

1. Pray the Rosary for peace and the establishment of the Laws of Christ on earth. The rosary is, next to the Holy Mass, the most powerful weapon on earth.

2. Rather than being fearful, direct your focus and energy into putting the faith into action, serving God, learning and growing in the faith, and helping others.

3. Make your main identity that of being a Catholic, not any particular political party in any particular country, for all nations and politics of this earth are fleeting.

4. Avoid ad hominem attacks against others, instead remaining charitable and focusing on the various and specific issues. It is the desire of Christ that all be reconciled with Him, for we are all part of the Body of Christ. Let us not condemn, therefore, where Christ wishes reconciliation.

5. Let all politically-oriented discussion or criticism be purely and entirely made from the standpoint of absolutely nothing but the Doctrine of the Faith of Christ. As Catholics we are bound to do this.

6. Focus primarily on the main issues of the Catholic social doctrine, the chief of which is the right to life. Regardless of the party that is in power at any given time, a nation that permits or endorses the wholesale murder of unborn children and does not respect human dignity cannot claim to be for the people and is in desperate need of Christ. Be a witness to the light of Christ in such a land.

7. Do not support or participate in revolution or insurrection, but rather be an instrument of peace. History shows that revolutions and insurrections always fall short of their promises, rarely if ever leading to positive change. Indeed, although that great Doctor of the Church St. Thomas Aquinas clearly stated that Catholics have a right to self defence and also a right and duty to disobedience against unjust authority, i.e., authority not consistent with the laws of God, the saintly doctor also made it clear that the seizing of power through violent usurpation does not constitute legitimate government or authority.

Therefore, We again urge and admonish the clergy and faithful to work towards peace and place their focus on God alone, working to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is only through the grace of God coupled with the labour of mankind that the world may be improved. Any other notion is inconsistent with the Catholic faith. Go, therefore, into the world and serve in the example of Christ with Our blessing, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Thursday, January 7, 2021


 REICHENBERG 7 January 2021 (ORCNS)

The second of two articles written in response to the events following the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election from an American-oriented perspective


H.G.D.H. Daniel Coberly, Prince v. Reichenberg
Prefect-General of the Anglican Patriarchate (See of St. Stephen)

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of our country. 

Not by violent anarchy, but through high character and personal example. By support of all that is good in humanity. 

If we want a better country we must expect a better Congress and better citizens. We must change the way we look at things so the things we look at will change. And that includes ourselves and the self-anointed Ronins among us. 

Now is the time to reward and uphold the behaviors we want to see to support that endeavor; the basis of any admirable culture: personal integrity, honesty, unselfish service, moral courage...neighbors helping neighbors. Clearly, the tail is wagging the dog in that regard. 

Now is the time to turn that dog around by supporting the people 

people who make this country great--our teachers, our parents, our elderly, our farmers, our small business owners, our ministers, our first responders, our military, and yes, our police. That's right, now is the time to put on notice the movie stars, pop stars, and sports stars who too often become supernovas that do nothing to advance our culture. 

In a world where everyone can be a "reporter" now is the time to relook the rules of that game in ways that not only protect concepts of free speech, but in ways that also makes those who spread falsehoods about any person, place, or thing, fully accountable. 

In a country where we generously grant tax-exempt status to many corporations and nonprofits, now is the time to expect them to return that investment by tangible evidence of support to their communities and to our nation. 

In a world where many still do not have electricity or adequate food, we can afford to help other nations. But we cannot afford to neglect our own people to the extent our known budgets show. 

There should never be hunger or homeless in America. Period. 

Yes, NOW is the time for Congress to come to the aid of our Country--and for us to come to the aid of our Congress. Not in petty political ways, but by insisting that they agree to disagree and move on to comprise of the common ground. It is their job to get the job of governing done, after all. 

And when they do, we need to support the comprises they make if we are to get our country back on track. 

Yes, Now is the time to part the dark clouds that hang over us to find the silver lining. We can do it if we choose. Unless we do that soon, we have met the enemy and he is us; and he welcomes others like him to pillage and plunder what is left of America. 

The silver lining is indeed there for all who are willing to look to see it: the immediate chance to reboot our nation, by rebooting our politics and to confront our own personal bias. 

Now is the time for all of us, no matter what our race, creed, or color, to to agree upon the greater good and what "right looks like" now and for the future. 

Now, in this new year, at this moment, is the right time and right opportunity to declare and to agree that the politics of the past is the ghost of politics past, and nevermore. 

Now is the time to come to the aid of our country!